Monster Chorus

Price : 175 €
The Monster is a unique chorus pedal with unusual modulation capabilities.
The « Shape » control modulates the chorus oscillation (LFO) from a triangular shape to a square shape, « Speed » sets the speed and « Depth » controls the delay of the LFO (low frequency oscillation).
For more ergonomics, the small LED displays the tempo of the oscillation. The LFO’s delay has other controls that are « Size » and « Life ». « Size » adds a « slapback » slightly detuned at low level,
a reverberant ambience at the intermediate levels and an echo resonance under LSD that leads to a self-oscillation when it’s all over … « Life » controls the distance of the oscillations,
you will hear a slight disagreement for a two-way effect. As you increase « Life », the pitch (intensity) moves away from the root note for an effect
which is between the chorus and the vibrato to finish its race in real monster ! When « Warmth », it completes the delay by mixing the modulated sound and clear sound.

Sounds like : With this mix of standard and unique controls, everything about subtle oscillations, Leslie cabins, with
sound frenzy trends, strange sounds, weird arpeggios and many other sounds are available. Or you can simply use it as a chorus.
Bassist friends, you’ll be thrilled !


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Drawing Limited Serie

Description :

  • 6 settings Shape / Speed / Warmth / Depth / Size / Life (Potentiometers ALPHA)
  • Input / Output
  • Footswitch True Bypass (Mogami’s Wire)
  • Handmade & Check point by point
  • Warranty 3 years

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