GAS Distortion

Price : 160 €
The GAS Distortion is a powerful and versatile analog distortion even at low volume … From the slight crunch to the big heavy distortion, the volume control acts like a real boost.
Equalization settings (Bass and Treble) interact on midrange frequencies (more or less dug) to define a sound more or less typed (rock, hard or metal). The bass, for example, will give a clean grain 6L6 lamps (amp mesa, fender …). Moreover, even with the knobs pushed to block and without action on the guitar, GAS Disto does not blow!
Let’s go to ROCK !!!

Sounds like : Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Heavy


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Description :

  • 4 settings Level / Gain / Bass / Treble (Potentiometers ALPHA)
  • Input / Output
  • Footswitch True Bypass (Mogami’s Wire)
  • Handmade & Check point by point
  • Warranty 3 years

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