Driver’s License Treble Boost – Overdrive

Price : 170 €

A pedal to have in his pedalboard ! Our « Centaur » of the overdrive !!!
Its volume acts as an independent boost of triple and gain knobs, incredible on tube amps …
Clarity of the son at the meeting, just beautiful !
For the rest, the treble can adjust treble. And the gain of the slight crunch to the very good overdrive (be careful it is not a distortion) but what Overdrive !
Equipped with a « Buffer », it restores « pops » to the signal on the supplied pedals.

Sounds like : Zztop, Rolling Stones, everything that crunch and more…


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Description :

  • 3 settings Volume / Treble / Gain (Potentiometers ALPHA)
  • Input / Output
  • Footswitch True Bypass (Mogami’s Wire)
  • Handmade & Check point by point
  • Warranty 3 years

In stock :