Carebears Massive Fuzz Distortion

Price : 220 €
The Carebears is an incredibly versatile Fuzz pedal – Distortion for guitar and bass ranging from clean boost to light overdrive, to a massive distortion!
Its tone circuit avoids any loss of volume and keeps the identity of your guitar and amplifier. In terms of settings, it’s very complete … Volume (output level),
« Fuzz » adjusts the distortion rate of a boost clean, up to a fuzz. In addition to tone control, the knob of « Pre » acts as an adjustable Lo / Hi switch and the « High » knob replenishes the treble cut by the tone control during amplification of low frequencies.
To complete the whole, a rotary switch « Clip » 6 positions (Germanium, Asymmetric Germanium, Silicon, Mosfet, LED and Bypass).


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Drawing Limited Serie

Description :

  • 5 settings Volume / Fuzz / Pre / Tone / High + 1 rotary switch 6 positions diodes clipping (Potentiometers ALPHA)
  • Input / Output
  • Footswitch True Bypass (Mogami’s Wire)
  • Handmade & Check point by point
  • Warranty 3 years

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